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Extreme Jumper review by Garret Troop

The Jacoby Extreme jumper.

Jacoby cues have been a benchmark in the billiards industry for years. Their continuing craftsmanship and new technology has always pushed the limits of what is the best thing for the players of all skill levels.

The jump cue has had its place in the industry for years and years. Along the way we have come up with many different ideas and styles of what the jump cue should look like and more so be able to do. When your opponent has played a safety or you are just outa shape that jump cue comes in real handy.

With the sudden surge of the carbon fiber craze, there are many new cue designs out there that have a huge advantage with the newer technology. The more ruggedness of the carbon fiber shafts gives you a much better energy transfer and a much stiffer feel.

The Jacoby “Extreme Jumper” has arrived and has a lot of new design improvements. The traditional Jumper has a finger grove and belled out end making it the perfect fit for the pendulum and the dart stroke. The new Extreme jumper has two finger grooves that allow you to reach farther out on the table when you are hooked. The extra little bit helps because when you are out in the middle of the table and all you need is a slight increase of finger placement. This was well thought through and the execution on the cue worked well.

This is a three piece jump cue and the joint in the handle allows both the pendulum and dart stroke to fit together in the same 3 piece cue. The put together full length jump cue has these ridges that honestly remind me of the Stealth cues that you see on the market. These grooves allow you to grasp the cue and adjust your rear hand to get the right hand placement of the cue for a little longer or a shorter pendulum stroke.

Jacoby increased the length of the brass ferrule to give it just a little more front end mass to pop the cue ball up and over the problem balls. This cue's greatest accuracy is at about a balls distance with the dart stroke in my opinion. With the cue put together I was able to jump with accuracy to the full table. The rear section has most of the weight in it. This cue is about 18oz which is extremely heavy for a jump cue but the more I played with it the more I understood the design and capabilities of this cue. The 3 piece cue has two radial pins and comes standard with a phenolic tip. The shaft has a pro taper and a 13.1mm tip. The rigid section of the butt is 9 ¼ inches long. The middle section of the cue that you would use as a dart stroke handle is 11 inches. The shaft is 29 inches. The total length of the cue is 49 ¼ inches making it a legal jump cue in any league or tournament. It is a 13.1. The weight together is approximately 18oz. With out the extension piece approximately 7 to 7.5 oz. The front is 40" total with no extension and the extension makes it is 49 inches.

The cue retails for $595 and when I first heard that I was blown outa the water like a skipping stone. But once I started playing with the cue and seeing the full capabilities of it I saw it’s value and place in any cue of a true pool player. The learning curve on this cue once you already know the basics of how to jump is a gradual curve into getting out of any tight spot on the table that your appointment has tried to safety you into. This 3 piece cue is most definitely worth it’s weight in gold and holds a significant place in my case.

All in all this cue gets the SPM Seal of approval. Even at the current price tag.

By Garret Troop

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