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FingerSlides. ~ Garret Troop {Product Review}

Smooth strokes are hard to come by for some people. Whether you wear a glove, use chalk or powder, or constantly wash your hands, you need to find what works for you.

I had the pleasure of using the FingerSlides, by Cue-Z, and I love them. As of right now, they come in two different colors; black, or tan. The black has an additional option of a color stripe, in either red, purple, blue, or green.

fingerslides 2

Before I tried it on, I thought it was a single piece of cloth that connected all three fingers. It is actually two pieces (the middle finger cover is separate from the cover for the index and thumb,) which works excellently. The material that is used fits your hand, and after a few sessions it seems to almost form to your fingers — like a second skin.

They have a  triple reinforced stitch for durability, and if you don’t love how they fit (they’re sized to your specifications) you can exchange them, no questions asked.

I have used many gloves and powders over the years, but honestly can’t see myself using another product from this point on. They are simple, and sometimes that is the best way to go.

Cue-Z’s website says, “Think of them as a sandal for your hand.”

fingerslides 3

The only thing that I feel could use some improving is the packaging of the product. As with anything you get over the mail, first impressions are some of the most important. Their website is very easy to navigate, and we are proud to say we will be selling them on PoolPulse.

The FingerSlides are made to fit by a one woman army named Nancy. She guarantees her work, and if it’s not right she will correct it. That is saying a lot. You can order the FingerSlides for only $15.00, which is a good investment and they are well worth that amount. Below are Cue-Z’s personalized sizing instructions.

fingerslides 4

Instructions for a perfect fit — how to measure for size.

Measure around knuckle (middle of finger) on index finger of bridge-hand to obtain your correct size.

Use a cloth (soft) measuring tape.

Place measuring tape around middle knuckle, as if you were measuring for a ring size.

If you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, you can substitute a piece of string.

  1. Wrap string around knuckle and mark the string where it meets together.

  2. Lay the string out flat and use any ruler or tape measure handy.

  3. Measure from the end of the string to the mark you made.

Choose your size according to circumference measurement.


Small: 1 5/8″ to 2 1/8″

Medium: 2 1/8″(+) to 2 5/8″

Large: 2 5/8″(+) to 3 1/8″

X-Large: 3 1/8″(+) and Up

Garret Troop is the owner and CEO of Sneaky Pete Mafia. He created this community as a way to being together people that have a love of billiards. He has never had a passion for anything like he has for Sneaky Pete Mafia. He hopes to bring together a group of people that and create a family of those that share his passion. Photos: provided by author Editor: Hannah Blue

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