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G2 Tip Review

I have been playing with the G2 tip for a while now and really respect what they can do. I’m currently using a medium with a hardness durometer of a Medium-73.2. The elasticity of these tips is incredible and they really don’t mushroom that much at all. When the tip was installed it really surprised me the first few shots. I really like shooting with a lot of English and love watching the cue ball dance around the table. These tips really accentuate my stroke and grip the cue ball very well and have an incredible energy transfer.

These tips are made from High quality 8 layered pig skin. I find that with these tips it's good to cut off a couple layers. I just feel that these tips play a little better this way. These tips have an incredible griping and the pig skin tip is a really nice looking tan /amber color. especially after its burnished. Feel - in short, it feels like the old Moori mediums. Great cue control. Holds chalk really well. Like I said the medium feels soft but it still his really well. All in all the hit and feel is almost perfectly balanced.

Consensus - this is my favorite tip now. No miscues yet and really does feel great. Lots of action and control. I will be recommending this tip to all of my buddies I play with, and I recommend it to all of you as well. There have been a lot of counterfeits so G2 takes a lot of extra time to make sure that you get exactly what you are buying which it a great tip. They retail for about $20 and that is a great price for what you are getting. All in all, I love these tips and would recommend that anyone that is in the market for a tip that has an excellent reputation. The website is really Professional and well done. Good place to order form.

This is the description from the site and what they have to say about all of it. 8 Layers of Japanese Pig Skin Each G² tip uses 8 layers of high quality treated Japanese pig skin. Every batch is tested with a state of the art computer to quality check for their hardness and bounce to make sure all the tips are consistent. Hardness Score: Soft-64.8, Medium-73.2, Hard-82.5 The new G2 (or is it G Squared) pool cue tips feature 8 layers of treated pigskin and are available in soft, medium and hard varieties. As with most premium billiards tips, the G2's are 14mm, so you can trim them down to match the size of your shaft. From a playability perspective, they're on par with Moori and Kamui.

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