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Gospel Trick Shot #5 “WALLS”: History, Set-Up, Diagram, and *** VIDEO

History of the Trick Shot: In 1983 in Tupelo, Mississippi at a pro 9-Ball event, Minnesota Fats did this shot five times missing the first four in his special trick shot show. Each time he missed he told a better story to the delight of the crowd. Earlier that day he had invited me to do the show with him to be his caddy. I got to witness first hand not only the shot but the art of telling stories during a trick shot show!  Click here to see the shot Walls

GTS Name and Why: I never forgot that night with Fats. Years later I would name the shot “Walls” because it looked like a wall as I related it to matters of the heart. We build walls with people when we get angry, don’t forgive, are jealous, or lack self-control. This shot became a GTS favorite as stories about my own walls revealed the need to take down the walls and have healthy relationships with people.

Scripture References in NIV Translation: Proverbs 27:4, 15:18, 27:4, 3:31, 14:30 and James 1:19, 20.

Cue Ball Placement: Place cue ball as shown but its position can be adjusted forward or backward slightly.

Object Ball(s) Placement: Start with the first object ball closest to side pocket E as shown. Then place the other three in a straight line in front of the first object ball. Notice balls are slightly to the right of side pocket E. Place an object ball in corner pocket C as shown.

Objective: Pocket four object balls (wall) near side pocket as shown with cue ball coming back to pocket final object ball near corner pocket C.

Special Notes: Hit cue ball in the center aiming to split the middle two balls. You can go slightly forward or back with the cue ball after you see the direction of the cue ball. You can also place the triangle in front of the object ball hanging in pocket C to make a larger target area for the cue ball to pocket the ball.

Crowd Reactions Through the Years: I ask the audience if they have any walls in their life and explain that we are all being tested by God through people. All of us at times fail our test and need to make adjustments. People usually get very quiet while I talk about this shot as I can tell God is speaking to them personally. That final ball being pocketed represents having a relationship with somebody after the wall comes down! How are you doing with your test today?

Author: Steve Lillis Editor: Chris Freeman

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