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Iqcues shaft review

I had the pleasure of dealing with Dimitris getting this cue,

I received the Shaft on time considering it was from overseas.

The shaft I got was right on time and was just what I expected.

This Low Deflection shaft was 29” long and was an 11.75mm long protaper.

I have to start off by saying that this shaft was made to order And to my specifications.

It is not a laminated shaft but feels like one. The trend in today's market is for a stiffer shaft. I personally like a little more whip. It really helps maximize my stroke and I can put a ton of English on the cue ball. This shaft is responsive and gives you a good feedback in your hands. Very little squirt about half a ball length on a full length table. These cues and shafts are made in They are out of Greece and shipped worldwide.

This shaft is super fun and accentuates your stroke and makes the cue ball spin like no other. The cue maker and his company do the R&D and are innovators from across the seas. This shaft is responsive and accurate. I have seen some of Dimitrios work and he is an incredible craftsman. The link is in this article and I strongly recommend that you all go and look at his site.

All in all, I love the shaft and will keep it for a long time. This shaft fits my playing style and the only thing that I didn’t care for was the way the finish on the shaft. It was a wax finish and over time I feel that it became sticky. These reviews that I do are objective and I have to point out all aspects that I find both good and bad. Its a good shaft and I really like it.

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