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Joshua 'Joshi' Filler -- Filler The Killer -- by Patrick Sampey

Sunday, August 29th, 2021 -- Joshua 'The Killer' Filler kills the competition metaphorically on the table with a monster game: Winner of the 2018 WPA World 9 Ball Championship, Ranked world #1 in 2019, Mosconi Cup MVP 2017 for team Europe, and the list goes on.

Born October 2nd, 1997 -- at just 23 years old, Filler has already amassed an impressive pool resume, and he has years to win more tournaments and garner so many more championships.

Yeah, you could call Filler one of the new "young guns" of pool, shooting them down one ball at a time, running racks on the competition in top form.

Whenever I've watched Filler play, I've seen nothing but the highest caliber pool. He never lets down, ever. And the way he carries himself exudes self confidence. He makes bank shots look easy, jump shots routine, run-outs appear as simple as walking down the sidewalk. All around, Filler is a true killer -- Killer of giants like Dennis Hatch in the 2017 Mosconi Cup, 5-3 to win MVP and take the final point for team Europe, a resounding 11-4 victory.

Just year before last, in the Predator World 10 Ball Championship, held in Las Vegas in 2019 -- Filler lost to Ko Ping-chung in the finals 10-7 in a close contest where both players gave a thrilling performance to the crowd. On DirecTV, channel 623, I watched as Ko Ping-chung played some of the best 9 ball I have ever seen, which is what it takes to beat Filler. He isn't ever going to lose without a tough billiards battle, always grinding.

And he is able to laugh at himself or the situation at times, appearing to realize that's just how life is, the rolls don't always go your way.

Filler is my friend on Facebook, and I keep asking him for an interview. Hopefully he won't block me (laughing…). (Seriously, Filler "The Killer," I am a believer if you are reading this, and would do an excellent article on you and what you bring to the sport of pool as a whole if you would indulge me.)

While Filler sometimes responds to my questions on Facebook Messenger, I do appreciate him adding me as a friend, as I continue to network in worldwide billiards to better cover the game, and for me, the players are the game, and Filler is truly amazing to witness. What a talent.

When Filler won MVP in the 2017 Mosconi Cup, he became the youngest player in history to compete in the event at just 20 years old. The Mosconi Cup is such an electrifying atmosphere for the players, even Mosconi Cup veterans feel the pressure of the event -- but Filler appeared cool and collected when I saw him, held himself very well on the world-stage of billiards like the consummate champion he is.

To continue, Filler is 23 -- 23 was Michael Jordan's number the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) of basketball in my opinion and many others, and perhaps after another decade goes by, we may view Filler as the new GOAT of pocket billiards.

Reyes is my current pick for the GOAT of pool, but I also believe others like Strickland, Varner, Van Boening, Mosconi, Greenleaf, etcetera, are in contention. It can be a little subjective. Many people and players agree that Reyes is the GOAT, however. There appears to be a consensus. Filler is such an obvious talent in the game, it really is feasible he could one day be considered the GOAT by the masses. We will see.

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