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Matchroom World Nineball Tour and Salotto Introduce Golden Tickets

Matchroom & Salotto Golden Tickets

Matchroom’s World Nineball Tour has partnered with Wyoming-based competitive billiards mobile app Salotto to launch an exciting new feature: “Golden Tickets.”

Salotto is a mobile app designed to connect pool players for in-person 1v1 matches of pool, facilitating scoring, results submission to rating organizations, and now, the introduction of Golden Tickets. 

From July 10, players can participate in a ranked 30-day competition, playing races to 9 in Nineball pool on any 9ft pool table. The top four players at the end of the competition will earn a paid spot at the prestigious US Open Pool Championship, held at Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, from August 19-24. In addition to the entry, winners will also receive $1,000 USD travel cash. 

Pool enthusiasts eager to compete can download the Salotto app prior to the Golden Tickets launch here.

Competition Details:

-       Session Start: July 10, 2024 00:00 UTC

-       Session Finish: August 09, 2024 23:59 UTC 

-       US Open: August 19-24, 2024

-       Rules: Matchroom WNT Rules as default 

ABOUT WORLD NINEBALL TOUR Introducing the World Nineball Tour (WNT), a game-changing initiative in professional pool. With a $5 million minimum prize fund and over 40 ranking events worldwide, the WNT heralds a new era for the sport. Committed to fairness, transparency, and commercial viability, the WNT offers players a clear path to success by providing opportunities to accrue World Nineball Ranking points and gain access to prestigious tournaments on the calendar.



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