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Peri Break Cue

Break Jump PBH- BT3

So there are a lot of different break jump styles out there and they each have their own style. This cue i had the pleasure of testing out and played A LOT of games and broke and broke and broke. Peri cues is a China based cue company that is looking to get a strong foot into the USA market.

Peri cues have been called the Cadillac of the cue world. I’m finding that to be very true. These cues are kinda the best of both worlds. The break like a freaking sledge hammer on a walnut and are able to easily jump as close to a distance as about a chalk and a half with my stroke.

The tip is a Peri brand tip and not sure what it is but looks like a resin filled layered tip. I think that these tips are really incredible. I wish I could get my hands on a few. They are

REALLY incredible. The taper is a slow conical taper and the tip feels like a 12.75mm. It has a partial brass ferrule and you lose a little feel in the break but gain a little power.

As a breakdown jump cue the weight is a little rear heavy from the insert. The taper of the shaft helps it as a jump cue and the tip, ferrule and the length of the breakdown handle all play a part in the total combination of the way the cue jumps and feels. Pretty sweet. The tips are soft enough where you can apply a decent amount of English and hard enough that the energy transfer is totally there. The handle in the breakdown position is about 15” and slightly longer than I prefer. But that's one of the cons in an all in one cue.

The seam where the butt and the shaft come together was truly amazing and I’m simply in awe that there is absolutely so much difference in the segments. The same holds true with the breakdown seam for the Jump break.

As cue and and cue fashions come and go you see a lot of things out there. This particular cue has a shorter butt and is only about 53” long. I found this a little odd until I played with it. The shorter the cue the more you kinda want to grip is where it should naturally be and with that it forces you to follow through more to get a good stroke in. Kinda odd but it works like a dream. The cue retails for $242 USD and that is a steal for this kinda cue.

All in all this is an awesome break cue and an awesome jump cue. I will say this as some areas that need to be improved with this cue. When I got it the first thing I did was take out the weight bolt as I prefer a lighter break cue. In the process of doing this I found the weight bolt to be a softer meter like a combination of a led and a steal. :My Guess” But trying to use an Allen wrench to take it off I stripped it very easily. The other thing that I didn't prefer was the finish on the shaft. It needs another sanding and a wax coat on the shaft.

But going on I will say that this was a pleasure to break with and I’m glad I got to reach out to Peri for this review. Weighing everything here I totally recommend this cue and look forward to breaking match after match with it.

From the Peri website.


Main materials: Curly Maple Wood

Standard tip: Bakelite Tips

Joint: Quick Release Joint

Standard weight: 18.5oz-19.5oz

RRP: $ 242

Break Jump PBH- BT3

Characteristics: this cue divides into three sections, the first two sections combine for jump cue, the third section combines to make the break cue. The classic design of Jump breaker series is to ensure that the cue is more portable. when the cue ball is hit by the Jump breaker , the cue ball can reach a maximum speed of 9m/s(32km/h). The kinetic reaction created will scatter the balls making the situation easier to clear the table. Removing the third section will create the jump cue, the cue becomes much lighter, the lightweight texture also ensures the stability and accuracy of the shot, for a higher degree of success

I would recommend this cue to novice players looking to get a better break and the more experienced player looking to crush racks and make more balls.

I give this cue the SPM Seal of approval.

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