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Relationships and Pool ~ Lyle Marner

In life we all eventually seem to meet someone who attracts us to them. Whether it’s for the better or worse we all start there. Sometimes it seems there is a lesson to be learned at some point. For me personally I have learned a lot since I have started playing almost 20 years ago. I have met the crazy, the pushy,the clingy, the questioner and basically everything in between it seems. I have also kinda have sworn that I won’t let a woman come and watch me play because it always seems to be a question after every shot or play I make.

Now fast forward to today; I have found the first one who wants me to play and kinda encourages me to play more. Now in life with work and family that seems to take a lot of time away from the table. So balancing the relationship has its challenges but she has taken an interest in pool and league play. Today has changed the way I approach the game and the relationship standard I have put in place.

Today’s pool has so many distractions with cell phones and every pool hall seeming to want to catch every type of person, we have lost a lot of what pool is supposed to be. A way to get away from the phone every time a new post appears or someone likes something. If we can take what distracts us when we play and put it aside the focus on the game will increase and the game will be more enjoyable for you and the your opponent. If you play or watch higher level players you will notice that most of these guys or girls don’t have a distraction right in sight. Our pool lives are so full of distractions with everything, we need to get back to the basics of what pool is, a getaway from that. I have made more friends playing pool then anywhere else. The pool hall I first walked into I met a group of friends that are still family today as they were yesterday. So what’s a distraction? Is it a partner who thinks what you do is dumb? Or maybe it’s in your hand?

To be a better player you need to learn to put away the distractions that are blocking what you are trying to achieve. If you put high energy and the people who want you to be successful in your life over the people who are negative all the time. You will grow so much with your pool game and who you are there are no limits to what will come to you. So if you take the small 30 seconds you take to pick your phone up and off of your opponent you could miss out on learning something or missing out on making a new friend. For the girlfriends or wives, try to get them into the game. Try a local small league so she can feel like she is a member of something and not just an observer. For me I let her use a cue that she likes because it’s “pretty” and she enjoys the game more. For you who have the girls who don’t want to play or care for being there, maybe find something she likes to do that meets at the same time that you want to play. Give yourself every opportunity so your game can grow and you can also.


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

Author: Lyle Marner

Editor: Shaylyn Troop & Chris Freeman

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