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Review for the CJPBilliards Chalk Holder.

Do you have what you need to chalk on?

So we live in a brave new world where anything is possible and we all have to move with it or get left behind. 3D printing is on that new front and it's very exciting to see what the future holds on this frontier.

We will always need chalk and that's a great thing for the billiards economy. With that there are more and more chalks than ever. CJPBilliards is on the forefront of this new tech and has a lot of well made products. I received a black magnetic chalk holder from him on time and in perfect shape. What he did was 3D print a chalk holder that has a detachable magnetic holder to walk and chalk at the same time. The holder itself was a little square box that is about ½” deep. That is a great depth for people that like to get every last grain of chalk on their tip.

The little boxes that hold the different shapes of chalk are bigger than the chalk and have little inserts that hold the actual chalk in place so it doesn’t want to come out or drop when you are in the playing atmosphere.

The clip portion on the holder has two little nubs that make a closure system that will fit on your pants, shorts or even a toga. This comes in handy and is easy to use. It has a built in magnetic detachable system that is pretty badass. CJPBilliards offers these holders in four different shapes that will accommodate the different chalk shapes that are on the market. In addition to all of that they also are available in many different colors including a glow in the dark green. The glow in the dark one comes in handy for those who leave their chalk holders in darkened bars.

The different chalks that they accommodate are the Kamui square and Hexagon. The Predator 1080 chalk. Masters square. Taom cylinder chalk. Great white chalk. I haven't spoken to him about the tiger chalk which is a little bigger.

Check out their website and order here. Calvin Post is the owner and operator. He also has a few other products on the market.

All in all it was a pleasure reviewing this 3D printed chalk holder.

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