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Review On the Jacoby Black Out break cue

The Break Cue!

The break cue has redefined what we do as pool players. The history was simply grabbing a cue off the wall and smashing balls. Things have changed and now people practice the break shot over and over. It’s not just power and force. It’s a complete technique execution just like any other shot. For a great break you need power, Precession and follow through.

The new movement of the carbon shafts has been amazing and produced a lot of new shafts and cues as a whole. The energy transfer and power you're able to achieve is phenomenal and worth your time to look and change if needed. The advantages to the carbon fiber movement have helped advance the game into another level. But that is also on you.

Jacoby has been a leader in the sport with their innovation and undying force to improve the overall game and those in it. They make and cover the entire industry and love the sport as a whole.

I was blessed with trying their new Jacoby BlackOut break cue and They truly stand up to Their reputation. The carbon fiber wall is thicker making a more stiff shaft. The energy transfer is incredible. They are using a standard phenolic tip and a slightly redesigned shaft. A thinker diameter at a 13mm gives a little more area of point of contact.

The cue is designed as a jump break and it fits as a truly all purpose cue with enough power to smash racks and the agility to make a precise break look smooth and controlled. As a breakdown jump cue it’s more designed for a C stroke and has a longer handle section. About 18” long. This is a bit long for the dart method but a little time and a decent stroke you can adjust if needed. This cue is Designed to fit the needs of a few different uses and that is an awesome thing.

As an option you can also use the lower part and can also be used as a shorter jump handle in a pinch. The cue was designed to be the best of both worlds. But in all fairness in my opinion it's a better breaker. And I like it as an all in one.

Right now it only comes in a wrapless handle and I don’t see Jacoby changing that at this time. Both joints come in a radial pin and that makes it easier to have two different jump handle lengths. The cue comes in a few different varieties of weights from a 17oz to a 21oz.

The logo has a mirror image and on the butt cap it has these little diamond mirrors on it and while they kind of go together I am not a personal fan of the artistic design of them. But that's just me. The cue had a black and classy look and any pool player should be proud to break with one of these new cues.

The Pros about this cue is that it’s a very well built cue that's made in the USA. The quality is unparalleled and they go through so many checkpoints to insure that every piece is totally 100% perfect. The cue is made to fit multiple different purposes and be an all in one. It looks pretty cool and will set in your case beautifully.

Cons. The really only thing I can say is that the cue as a jump cue is rear handle weighted making it more difficult to use the Dart method for jumping. But to be fair the cues weight to be used as a jump cue makes the pendulum method of jumping easier. So it's a trade off. Pick your poison. Do you want to carry a cue specifically for the dart method of jumping.

Can be found and purchased here.

All in all this is an awesome new addition to the jacoby family and I know that they will sell like crazy. It was a pleasure to play with this cue and I see it as a cue that will stick in their line up for a long time. This cue get the SPM Seal of approval.

By Garret Troop

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George Moore
George Moore
Jun 18, 2021
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