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Running To The Finish Line -- The Monk, Tim Miller

When it comes to skill development, you must be certain of what you want to accomplish for yourself. Much has been said about the importance of setting goals. In a study conducted years ago, a large class was asked to write down their goals and only three students took the time to do this exercise. Twenty years later those three students were worth more than the entire rest of the class combined! So, goal setting is important. It will help you focus on your skill development.

Declare your purpose and you will stay on the right road towards your dreams.

I am currently working through an online personal training course with three high level students on the inner game of pool. I help to shape their minds to be conditioned for automatic responses to various game situations. But more importantly, I help them become what they are striving to be.

Once you become the game, each shot is produced with one hundred per cent effort which creates more wins and more consistency on your run outs from the break.

In other words, they are expected to act with confidence, courage, and concentration in all their efforts because that is who they become after all the training. We meet for one hour each night online.

In all their actions they are to be defined as an I Came to Win player. An I Came to Win players possess a unique brand of courage. Once you embrace the I Came to Win attitude, you are willing to leap in and take the risk that success demands. This is exactly why goal setting is so important. You will not reach your destination if you are not clear about what it is you are striving for.

I Came to Win will produce courage so you can handle the pressure. It takes courage to deliver the winning stroke in a critical situation. It takes courage to maintain your poise and stay down in the shot while the so-called pressure is raging about us. With this unique inner game training they do not have to reach for those skills. Most important you must run to the finish line. Banking and shooting tough shots are cause by hesitation and lack of commitment to the shot. Say to yourself when, facing the key ball in your pattern, “This will sound like a winning shot.”


"I develop some training material so I could help other players find the joy you experience when you play at a high level. In 1989 i established The Monk Billiard Academy. I wrote books and manuals and then began to teach all over the world. I taught for two months in Moscow Russia, and then for two years in New Zealand where I coached the top six players in the south pacific. For the past six years I have been working in the Philippines. The Monk Billiard Academy is head quartered on an island in the Philippines.

I traveled to Mexico and Canada to share this game. There are only a few states where I have not put on one of my famous workshops. To date, I have worked with players for 35 years." --

Check out The Monk at the link above players...

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