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Semi-Finals Predator 10-Ball Who will be the Final 10-Ball Champion? ~ By Kat Day

Eklent Kaci won the match in 2021, which was delayed due to a power outage, Kaci is playing SVB on Table One. Kaci won the match against SVB, sending him to the semi-finals 10-7.

Who will go to the finals? Francisco Sanchez Ruiz will be playing Fedor Gorst, and from the looks of FSR’s last game, he is hungry for a 10-Ball Championship! The other semifinalists are Joshua Filler and Eklent Kaci. Kaci won this tournament in 2021, so will he get the championship or will FSR?

It is the semi-finals, and Ruiz and Gorst have been going at it for about two and ½ hours already. The score is now 9-9. Gorst is upon to break. Gorst has a dry break giving Ruiz the in. Ruiz knocked the one ball in and missed on the two. Gorst is upon with the Jump cue, and he misses giving the table back to Ruiz. Ruiz misses the two, and it is like ping pong logging back and forth with Gorst back up, and it is back to Ruiz. Ruiz has the table now. With ball in hand. Ruiz makes the two and three and misses on the four. Gorst just missed his shot. And Ruiz is back up and played safe, keeping the heat on Fedor. Fedor has already had two fouls and scratches on the Four, and the match ends on three fouls! Francisco Sanchez Ruiz will go to the finals! Will he get his 10-Ball Champion under his belt?

Kaci and Filer are up playing their match now. Filler got a jump at the beginning of the game and was up three games, and then Kaci got the rack and started scoring and making amazing bank shots. The score is now 4-4. Kaci breaks, and the one ball rolls in, giving Eklent Kaci the table. Both players have been playing great and playing safe when need be. Now Filler is back up to the table, Kai is about to finally take the lead and plays a 9-10 combo, and the score is now 5-4 in favor of Kaci!

The score is now 6-7 Kaci, and Kaci makes a great shot on the one ball and now banks the two ball in! And hits the three just a little too hard and misses on the three ball. Joshua misses his shot, and Kaci is ready to open up a lead and will soon have another point. He has great position and is working his way to the 10-ball. Kaci is now 8-6! Two points away from winning this match! Kaci get the 8 and 6 ball on the break! Kaci is making good use of his time to knock the one ball in. He Jumps for the two ball bringing it back down to the opposite end of the table! Filler is up and calls an extension and is going to do a one-rail kick and sends the two back up in front of the four ball. And Kaci misses the two on the jump. Oh wow, Kaci got the table back after the score went up to 8-7. Kaci makes a beautiful shot and knocks the one back in. Then he plays a good safety and put the cue behind the three making it hard to jump for Filler. Filler hits but too short. Eklent has ball in hand and hits the two ball in and is prime for the three ball. He is in good position on the four, and it goes in, now on to the five, then the six, and the door is starting to close for Filler. Kaci is running this table! Kaci makes the 8, and 9, scores another point, and puts him on the Hill!

Kaci makes the eight on the break, and what is he going to do? He called the corner pocket, and the one misses. Filler is up to the table and misses not finding a pocket. Kaci is going safe all the way! Both players look like they are under a lot of pressure. Filler misses the one on the jump. Kaci is back up to the table. He plays safe! Filler is playing safe as well, leaving two balls in the way, making a jump hard for Kaci. Kaci controls the jump and softly touches the one but leaving Filler a shot to slam the one ball in the corner pocket. Filler makes the two ball and now has the three ball. Filler hits the four ball leaving the cue ball down to make the five. The six goes in, and it just might be a Hill Hill Thriller. It is 10-10.

Filler has a dry break, and it is now to Kaci! Kaci plays a safety. Filler is back up and misses the one ball but keeps it covered. Eklent gets his jump cue and makes the two off of a split with the one. Kaci plays safety, Filler is back up to the table to try to find a shot, and he misses. The table is back to Kaci with ball in hand, and he has a shot with the one ball. On to the three, it goes in, and now the four ball. Kaci is playing now on the five and onto the six and gets right back to where he wanted position. Eklent makes the seven and has to play safe on the eight. Filler misses and sealed his fate. Eklent Kaci is upset three balls away from going to the Finals! What a great match this has been! And it is Eklent Kaci going to the finals!

What a match!

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