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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Mary Avina at the First US Women's Snooker Open in Seattle at OX Billiards. Photo by Sandro Menzel

Don't miss this great Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine featuring Mary Avina! Mary went on tour to Canada, Seattle, and back to Texas for the Texas Open. She played in the first US Women's Snooker Open at Ox Billiards in Seattle!

Also, catch the amazing photography by Sandro Menzel! Patrick Sampey writes a great story about Kaylee McIntosh and her 4th place win at WPBA Soaring Eagle Masters.

Savannah in the Commentator Booth with Mark White in Canada. Photo by Tiffany Easton

Check out an article by none other than Savannah "The Roadrunner" Easton as she writes about her first Out-of Country experience in Canada and her review on the New Predator Apex tables! Keith Shaner writes a great article on Adam "Iron Man" Martin!

So more great stuff in the magazine, like a new lesson from The Drill Instructor, Steve Jennings, and Anthony

Beeler! Brian Pauley writes about up-and-coming Junior to remember Dustin Muir!

A great new Issue packed with articles! Check it out!

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