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SPM Radio & Dominic Esposito talk with Tom Rossman, aka Dr. Cue! An Easter Sunday Special!

SPM Radio and Dominic Esposito The Drill Instructor are excited to interview Mr. Tom Dr. Cue Rossman! With this being a special Easter weekend we are excited to get this interview from Tom Rossman!

Dr. Cue begins his story talking about when he was a young boy about Ten years old growing up on a farm in Central Illinois where he worked hard driving tractors, and doing all the chores that come with farm work including working with chickens, cattle and pigs.

One Evening Tom's dad took him into town one day to a place called Elsie's Pool Room. Elsie hired Tom to be a "Rack Boy" and sweep the floors making good wages 10 cents a rack!

The most important part of the game was taught to Tom by Elsie! Elsie taught Tom to listen to the balls as they clicked together and about the colors of the balls like a rainbow.

The main game back in those days was eight ball, Elsie is the lady that got Tom Rossman his start in the Billiards Industry. Take a listen to this great interview as Dominic Esposito interviews Tom Dr. Cue Rossman!

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