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Sponsorship ~ By Garret Troop

So, you want to get sponsored and rep for a company, be one of the elites?

Yeah, you and every other player. We all want that status and enjoy the perks of getting stuff for free. You want to play and rep for a company and have them give you equipment and pay for expenses. When you get down to it, what do you truly desire?

You may ask yourself, "What is a company hoping to get out of sponsoring me?" There is more to being sponsored than being a good player! Companies are looking to get advertising and have the people they support to sell their product and essentially be a walking billboard for the company. They want their initial investment to pay for themselves and continue to make money.

Everyone wants the dream, but it takes hard work. Companies wish for more from you than just slapping their patch on your shoulder. In today's world of social media, you need to be highly proactive in what you post and how interactive you are on many platforms. You need to be a source of inspiration for the community and be knowledgeable about the companies that sponsor you. It would help if you had pages and posted on them often, went live and had Q&A's, post-tournament updates winning or losing, and kept the community positively interested in you. That's huge!

There are different levels of sponsorship as well. Not all are equal. For example, some companies will only or primarily do product flow to get their name out there and get the most bang for their buck. Others are far more selective about who they have representation from and only sponsor a few of the highest players out there. I'm getting at that when you hear the word sponsor, and you need to understand that there are many different levels, and everyone wants to be on that list where they get more for less than everyone else. The other part of this is you need to see that companies "Sponsor" a lot of children for the sport to grow and keep their name on the tips of everyone's tongues. We all want our jerseys full of names that help you reach the top.

Remember, you can be the best shooter in the world, but if no one sees you play and you are not in the limelight, are you a good player? You don't have to be a pro; you must play well and be active, traveling to events. You need to be a people person and be able to answer questions about the company that sponsors you and what they are selling. You can also go to media sources and get them to interview you and have them publish it. From your local newspaper to Billiard magazines and podcasts that are out there. "SPM offers all that, by the way."

Look at Florian, for example. He is a clean-cut successful businessman. You never see him in a negative light. He carries himself at a higher level than many. Many of his videos have gone viral and have millions of views and shares. And when he left Mezz and went to Cuetec, he did it with grace and was a gentleman about the entire affair.

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