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The BreakRak By Garret Troop

The BreakRak!

So I've always wanted to try the Breakrak and I finally got the full set up and here we go.

When I first started Breaking I thought it was just a slam the hell outa the balls and hope for the best. I always grabbed the heaviest cue there was thinking that it would break the hardest and just go for it. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. As I started my journey and became a better pool player I started studying the break and how the pro’s did it and what their techniques were.

The Main thing that I found and this holds really true is that it’s more about where the cue ball contacts the rack. This will allow the greeted power distribution through the rack and you get the greatest break. Then the power and precision of your break allows you to get the greatest break. This takes time and a good rack. The key in all of this is controlling the cue ball.

The construction of the BreakRak has two rods connected in the middle by a tube and slides over them and fits snuggly. This center tube first the different sizes of the table you are playing on. Then the main piece has a center yellow ball that is the lead of your BreakRak. This piece has a connected section that allows you to have a weight like a full rack behind it. That piece is connected by a bungee cord that goes all the way through the center of the balls. The elastic cord connects to the rods and has a little bit of tension that you can control the distance of where the Ball piece is on the table. The radar device attaches to that and has a plexiglass shield in front of it to protect it.

The BreakRak with the radar detector does a few different things. First of all the BreakRak allows you to break over and over without re-racking and that's a huge help. It also shows you the action of the cue ball post contact with the rack. “That's Important” It shows you where on the lead ball you are making contact with when you break. When I was testing it I was also using the iCue by Thomas Van Eck. These two training devices work together great. The iCue shows you where you are hitting on the cue ball. When you break you ideally want the cue ball to end up in the middle of the table after making a few of the balls in the rack.

I find the the iCue works well in conjunction with the BreakRak. What the BreakRak teaches you is consistency in what you are doing that way you can pick it apart and analyze it. I break using a half tip to a full tip of top English. When hit the BreakRak correctly the iCue will jump back a little from the contact to the BreakRak and then the English will catch and the iCue will sit in the middle of the table. “IDEALLY”

The BreakRack is sold in individual pieces and once you have the start you can build upon that.

Doing this process over and over allows you to test your accuracy and stamina. When you break over and over you develop muscle memory. This will help develop the way you want to break. The radar on top helps you see what the speed you are breaking at. I’m always trying to get faster and faster and STILL controlling the cue ball. Controlling the kayos is the key in breaking. A heavier cue has more mass behind the break and “generally” a slower break. A lighter cue has the capacity to have more velocity when contact of break point.

When used correctly The BreakRak is a fantastic training tool and will help you develop a faster and more consistent break. It allows you to Break over and over and over again. This is a great way to build muscle memory. That is so important and will help you in your game in the long run.

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The BreakRak whole heartedly gets the SPM Seal of approval.

Quote from the BreakRak FaceBook page.

“The BreakRaK is coming up to it's 20th Anniversary, on May 20, 2021. There will be a Special Model made for that occasion. It will be a Golden Anodized BreakRaK with Black Balls on the side. A picture will be posted, soon. It will be the Pro Model, which comes with the Rempe Ball & the Break Speed Radar. There will only be 20 made. The information will also be posted on the website.”

Written By Garret Troop

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