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The Hex Bridge by Garret Trop

The need for bridges is more ever present in today's industry with larger tables and better safeties played. With that being said there are so many options out there. It's across the board needed for these little pieces that are attached on the end of a cue or extension. Cue ball control is the most important thing in the game. These bridges help you do that from any angle. .

3D printing is the future and will be a part of the world going forward and your imagination is really the limit. CJP billiards is always looking for ways to improve what's out there and create anew. The Hex Bridge is the latest piece that has been created by Calvin and is pretty cool. The head attaches to the end of your cue like any other and has six hexagon honeycomb sections that are open to fit any tip size into it.

When the bridge is set on it’s natural side it allows four open hexagon openings where you can insert the cue. The two outer wings allow a center shot or a little below center for draw shots. I found that the head sat on the table well when attached to a cue and didn’t wobble too much. You can rotate the cue and have access to the same four holes but have a little different angle to it. I personally found that you needed to put a little more pressure when holding it in this position. When the bridge is set in its natural position it also has a little notch on the very top of the Hex head that allows you to shoot downward on the cue ball.

So far we have covered almost the entire bridge and feel so far it's worthy to carry in any pool case. The last thing that you can do with this bridge is stand it upright and use it as a bridge used to jump with. I’d like to also add that the cue has a little resistance and in my opinion should have a little groove added to give it the added approach angle to make it easier to jump with. That's a personal adjustment that I’d like to see added. This is just my opinion and take it or leave it.

*This Hex Bridge Head retails for $25 and although that is a little pricey I think it’s worth the investment and gladly carry it in my case.


*This Hex Bridge Head retails for $25 and although that is a little pricey I think it’s worth the investment and gladly carry it in my case.

The Other Piece that Calvin has made was The Hex Handicap Bridge that is a sister to the original. The only difference is that one has a section that will fit over the cue and the other does not. The Handicap bridge is useful for those who are table height or they have problems making a correct bridge with their normal hands.

This is a different take of those who still really love the game of pool but may not have the ability to use their hands like the rest of us. Let's face it we are all human its just some need a Hex Handicap bridge to kick your ass on the pool table. The Bridge is optimally used with two fingers for stability and can be rotated for the correct height when you need it. It’s convenient to have in your bag. For those who use the bridge a lot it’s the perfect pocket accessory for all. The 3D printing is totally customizable and it’s really cool to think of what can be made whereas don't eh past these things needed more time and energy to create without limits.

I give both of these products a 4 outa 5 rating on the SPM scale and see only a couple improvements on them but for the most part they are designed for the players.

Both Hex Head Bridges get the SPM seal of approval

By Garret Troop

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