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The Perfect Jumper ~ Nano by Jacoby By Garret Troop

On the pool table, there are many different ways to get out of a tight situation, and you must always be ready to walk around the table to understand better what’s happening. The evolution of the jump cue has been a constant progress of what is needed on the table. I know there are many different variations of what’s out there. There are Jim cues that are designed to jump the full distance of a table with ease, and then there are shots that require a much closer and more precise stroke. The awesome thing about it is that you can carry all you need, and it is really hard to find all you need on one cue. For example, a long jump shot requires a longer and heavier jump cue, whereas a super close shot requires a much lighter cue.

“Jacoby Custom Cues” have a full range of what they offer, and you can find anything you need. Jacoby’s core values are taking care of the customer and giving them the best experience on the table. They offer a full range of jump cues suited for every playing type and situation you encounter.

The Nano is a 4.5 oz jump cue that turns heads and impacts the industry. This Nano is built on the “Jumper” jump cue platform and has a lot of similar characteristics. The Nano has a 29” carbon fiber shaft with a lighter-density foam. The Phenolic tip is a little harder than the jumper. The shaft has a gray collar giving it just a little uniqueness in their line-up of carbon fiber shafts on the market. The handle is a carbon fiber and maple construction with a radial pin that is a little shorter. These aspects combined give the Nano an extremely light overall construction. The light construction makes jumping at a very close range extremely easy and gets you out of many safeties.

There are a lot of other super lightweight cues on the market. Robin Dotson was the first jump cue in the line-up. The Marty Carry is a great example of a great all-around cue that has also been around for a long time. Dr. Popper is a super light cue that had a great run and was in the spotlight. Another cue worth mentioning is Black Magic, which was around for a while but recently disappeared from the market. All of these cues paved the way, and the Jacoby Nano is no exception other than it's the next step in the evolution of great close-range cues that will continue to make it a part of the industry.

This cue is a dart stroke-only cue. The optimal distance of this cue is a credit card's distance to 48” accurately. Now you can clear farther distances, but in my opinion, that is where the sweet spot is.

“Tip/Ferrule: Black phenolic tip X 0.400” Long, solid, one-piece ferrule/tip combination

Shaft: Nano Jump shaft - Unidirectional carbon fiber with a foam center and 13.1mm diameter tip.

Joint Pin: Aluminum Radial

Joint Diameter: 0.847"

Joint Material: 1 1/2” Capped Tigerstripe

Available Colors: Twill carbon fiber with stained gray joint and cap

Length: 40” - 29” shaft / 11” butt

Weight Range: 4.4 - 4.8 oz Natural weight range (3.0 oz shaft / 1.6 oz handle)

Weight System: None

Butt Cap: Stained Gray Tiger Stripe

Bumper: ⅝ stem push in bumper.”

This cue will come in really handy in the artistic pool scene for its incredible ability to get the job done. I have envisioned this cue in the limelight for a long time.

When an opponent plays a safety, they usually try to hide the cue ball behind another ball. This is extremely frustrating for the player, and you really need to walk around the table and find your best option. Many players elect to jump, which is a great option. The jump shot is like any other shot in the game. You can master it and add it to your arsenal of great shots that you have at your fingertips. The Nano takes a different dedicated stroke as you must learn how to use the cue to the best of its abilities. The really helpful thing about the Nano is that you can literally drop the cue ball out of the sky on a pinpoint. Say the cue ball and blocking ball are very close to one another, and the object ball is not that far from that. The cue ball needs to come up and land at a specific point. The Nano does that with the cue ball.

This Nano retails for $545, which is a big investment for your case, but when you look at the cost of a normal Carbon fiber shaft, the jump cue is not that much more of an investment. Jacoby is at the top of the industry regarding innovations, and they are always trying to improve the previous generation of what’s out there. Jacoby is really at the cutting edge of Innovations, and this cue is no exception to their quality.

The really close jump shots require a different stroke. The cue has to be damn near vertical, and you must hit almost more center ball. Your grip has to be extremely light, and you almost have to let the cue go after contact, like you are throwing the cue at the cue ball. The biggest problem with a super light cue is that they try to over-muscle it, and you really need to let the cue do the work intended to do. I’m not the best jumper, but with this cue, it's easy to see how easy it can be. I've tried all the Jacoby jump cues on the market, and this is by far my favorite.

Overall, this is a great cue and completely worth the investment. I give it the SPM Seal of Approval.

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