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The Virtual Tournament Director. ~ Jonathan Smith Bey

What if you could play a match any time you wanted to?

What if you could play any player you wanted, regardless of ratings? Well now you can! (More on that in a minute).

If you’re a player, or billiards hall owner, this concept is the next level.

Sneaky Pete Mafia asked me to interview Ron Hoffman, of He is the guy you’ll be thanking.

Here’s the scoop.

Ron decided to bring the digital age together with tournament play, by creating The Virtual Tournament Director, which has the ability to create as many tournaments or matches as you would like.

Suppose you’ve only got a few hours to kill. You can log in to your Virtual Tournament Director page, pick a time, pick a day, and choose an opponent. It’s as simple as that. Get to your local hall and play pool.

How’s this possible?

Ron has been in the industry for years, and as a sponsor for the famous Derby city classic, he has talked to players from all over the world and he listened to what they had to say, so he created The Virtual Tournament Director.

Another feature of VTD is its Match Maker. With this convenient little feature, a player can set up a match with any willing player! No more waiting around the hall for the good players to get there, no more waiting to get in on the action. The Match Maker allows you to choose from rated players.

Not ready for the big boys? Play someone more your speed. Each player is ranked, and listed. So get ready for those challenge matches, and play to win because the matches are tracked and recorded on your online scorecard.

Did he say online scorecard? Yes I did. You have all of your stats right at your fingertips. With Ron’s new scoring system, you score your own matches, on a three level scorecard!!! Level 1 scores the wins. Level 2 balls and errors. Level 3 pro stats.

Want more information? Check it our here.

Jonathon Smith-Bey has been a stand up comic from Detroit for 20 years, a novice cue sportsmen with a profound love of the game and training. He also writes for Sneaky Pete Mafia.

Photo: David Prager/Flickr Editor: Dana Gornall

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