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Viking Glove Review

For most people a smooth sliding shaft through your fingers comes naturally. For others, a lot of conditions come into play that simply make that sliding process very sticky and overall unpleasant. Pool players all over and all skill levels use gloves in professional tournaments and just play a few racks at their local bar table. Viking has been a larger player in the billiards industry for years. This last year they started making professional grade gloves with the help of Harley Davidson. One of the things I have to say about viking cues is they place a great deal of care and care of detail in everything that they do.

From the materials they chose to the construction of it it really stands out. Mesh netting and a lycra backing making this glove. The section on the glove that wraps around your wrist is a tighter making it fit snuggly to any size hand that slides into it. On the palm they chose to go with nubuck side down. This is the smooth side of a leather hide. This piece is also a little larger than “most” other gloves on the market. They chose a snag free velcro as a closure to secure this glove when in play. They also used the nubuck side of the leather on the tab closure of the velcro. That's a nice touch.

When I first tried the glove on and started playing with it I kept thinking that it was too thin of a material to use. After putting it through the riggers I come to understand that that lighter doesn’t always mean less. It's a very unique design and so far I have have no problems with the general wear and tear and how ALL billiards gloves deteriorate over time. This glove was presented extremely well with an individual box with all the details in the picture attached in the article. The box is big and full of info and really well designed. The Mesh on the underside of the glove is designed to wick away moisture and keep your stroke sliding smoothly through your fingers when your body has other plans.

All in all this is an incredible glove and well worth the retail price of $27. And to be completely honest there is only one thing that I would change if anything. That is that I think that it should have the velcro and the closure flap on the top of the wrist. This is so it doesn’t snag on the cloth and the little increase on the wrist is where you lay your hand. Now these changes are personal and just think that it would make the glove better than it already is. I give this glove a 9 outta 10 rating and feel that viking is doing a great job in designing it. A glove is an investment as all things that we buy for our pool game. But there is nothing worse than a sticky, wet, clammy and moist hand when you have a smooth stroke.

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