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Wheat State Carbon Fiber Review By Garret Troop

Power break.

So there have been a lot of trends come and go but the search for excellence will always be there. There are a lot of folks that toggle between wooden and carbon Fiber technology. And Honestly there is no right answer for this question. There are so many factors involved in the making of these shafts that you can get a great deal of variation in feel and power.

In the world of breaking there is the struggle of Power verses feeling the shot to know you've hit it right. The break is by far one of the most important shots in the game and you need to be able to cater it to your capabilities.

I had the pleasure of testing the Wheat State Carbon Fiber break shaft and really appreciate working with Stephen during the building process as he is great to work with. He is one of the few shaft technicians out there that specifically deal with the building of shafts as the source of his business. One of the things I like is that he took the time to get to know what I was looking for other than just a smashing break.

The shaft build is completely custom and that is the best part out of all of it. No matter what you are looking for you can find it in his wheelhouse. The shafts that he builds are made to fit you.

The Break shaft that I ordered was a 4,5 oz and the balance point was at 11”. This shaft is made to be a little front end heavy for a little more mass going into the shaft making this shaft specific to breaking. The wall thickness is a little thicker than with a specific tendon going into it. The real thing here is when you break with this shaft you can feel everything that you are doing right or wrong.

The taper of it is a 15” taper and that is a lot longer than the competitors out there and that's a good thing for those who have a long stroke and a mean follow through.

When I ordered the shaft I requested a phenolic ferrule and a Piku tip on it and received both just the way I ordered them. The cool part about what Stephen does is there are so many variations as to what you can get when you order the shaft. It matches the joint perfectly after requested info. This thing breaks like a beast and it's my go to break shaft.

In all honesty I love working with him but as a small business owner growing in this industry it's important to keep up with the times. HE NEEDS A WEBSITE! The things that he offers are easily and readily available to the consumers. One of the cool things that I've seen him over is a clear joint ring that the pin screws into. Now that's just cool and catches the eye like no other. The page that he does have is growing and he started a group about people sharing their experiences but it’s not a website.

All in all the shaft rocks and I totally recommend anyone looking for a new “Custom” Carbon fiber shaft either breaking or playing this is a good down home gentleman to work with. All in all I give this product the SPM SEAL of approval. Good for all levels of play.

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