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Willow Troop Loves the Game and Her Cue ~By Willow Troop & edited by Kat Day

Willow Troop Photos by Garret Troop

Willow Troop is a Ten-year-old girl from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin! The young Troop has high aspirations of following in her dad's footsteps one day! Willow has hopes and dreams of being able to write for Sneaky Pete Mafia! She gets so excited when she starts talking about her Cue and playing Pool in a league and playing Pool against her dad in her spare time. When she beats her dad, she runs around the table with her arms up in the air like she just won a big event! Willow plays on Jr. Pool League with another young lady and enjoys it.

Willow loves school, and she gets good grades! Her favorite class is writing and English! Willow Troop states, "Hello, the name is Willow Troop. I was born in 2012. As I was growing up, my dad was working on a website called Sneaky Pete Mafia, and that is when I started my interest in Pool! I started when I was two years old; I wasn't really playing with real pool stuff; I was playing with things like sticks and rocks, but I love Pool. No matter if I'm playing with objects, I still love it, and I still do!

"I wanted to tell you about my Cue but the first point you should know how I got interested in Pool! When I was little, I would always see my dad working on Sneaky Pete Mafia, and that is when I started getting interested in playing Pool. Before I got my Cue, I would go out in the yard and get a stick that was the shape of a cue and use rocks to hit with my stick. "States Willow Troop.

My dad finally got me a cue, and I want to tell you about it!

To get started, I will tell you about the shaft on my Cue; I have a black carbon fiber shaft with a soft G2 tip with a shaft diameter of 12.75mm. Now I will be talking about the lower half of my Cue. I have blue stacked veneers, and then I have a blue impregnated segmented maple handle. The forearm and butt are made of Gaboon ebony and a black G10 radial pin. It has a total weight of 19oz.

Extra facts

I think this Cue is fancy and helpful. The Cue has a Market value of $1,600, and it's handcrafted by Gregory Scott Bush personally. I think it is an excellent show-off Cue, but that doesn't mean it's the only good Cue. I have seen many beautiful cues before, but I love this Cue and what I like about this Cue is it is flooded with my favorite color, blue. I also like the shaft; well, I mean, I love carbon fiber in general on cues. I think they're good because it goes through my fingers so smoothly while I am stroking!

"I hope to have it in swirling gold someday, I love my Cue, and I always will. I think it is a great show-off Cue for bars and stuff like that. It is a beautiful cue; it has a pure blue color, and I'm not surprised that people might get mixed up with my Cue and something blue, but my Cue was expensive for a reason, and it's not just the looks it is good in weight and pressure and everything else!" Stated Willow Troop

Someday Willow would like her pool cue displayed in a museum with a swirling gold frame around her Cue.

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