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World Cup Of Pool, Part 8 –Spain Takes The Cup For First Time

"'We dream for one moment like this and we got it today.' – Sanchez Ruiz" –

Sunday, June 19th, 2022 – The quote above this opening says it all, and what a win for the Spaniards Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and David Alcaide to take the World Cup title for team Spain today.

And they did it against a formidable pair with Aloysius Yapp and Toh Lian Han of Singapore with a resounding 11-6 authoritarian win in the Cup.

I've been cheering for Francisco Sanchez Ruiz for a while now from the shadows, as well as Yapp, Woodward and many other of these great champions I look up to and admire, but I must say to Ruiz, "Well done sir. And to Alcaide as well of course. What an event you two played, putting a nine ball clinic on for the fans at times! What a pleasure to watch and follow your progress these past few years."

Final Highlights from Matchroom

That said, that's another event SPM has covered, alongside these players, gaining insight into this diverse game we call 9 ball.

Really and truly, this event is a testimony to how worldwide pool has become, with so many great teams and players in the 32 country field, 64 players to start, with only Ruiz and Alcaide left standing when the dust settled.

The finals had it all, break and runs, 9 ball combination shots, lock artist safety play, but Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and David Alcaide proved too much of a mountain for any one of the world teams to climb, placing them and Spain in the winners circle at the World Cup, held this year at Brentwood, England. Another stellar event from Matchroom.

Until next time, Tallahassee Squirrel out for now. Keep on hitting them balls.

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