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A Full Spliced Family. ~ William Hurst

You will rarely find a full spliced cue broken in the forearm area where the different sections of wood have been spliced or joined together.

This is no coincidence. When the two pieces of wood are bonded together using the four-finger full splice method as opposed to a simple flat-faced end grain connection, the difference in added strength is extraordinary. A cue maker employing this method to build a Sneaky Pete is able to use a heavier wood for the handle in order to attain better weight distribution and overall balance.

In other words, the two pieces work much better together and are much stronger than they could ever be if simply used on their own.

If you are searching for a cue that is solid, strong, will resist warping and lasts for a very long time, the full spliced Sneaky Pete is an excellent choice.

For very similar reasons, when you make Sneaky Pete Mafia your choice of groups where you can share your passion for the sport of pool and all that comes with it, you have chosen to become not just part of a group that is made up of sellers attempting to find a buyer for their cues or related products. Our members aren’t simply using Sneaky Pete Mafia to promote the latest tournament that they are affiliated with or participating in.

Is that part of it? Of course it is.

These are things that we are all interested in, but the Sneaky Pete Mafia family is much more than that. Becoming a member of Sneaky Pete Mafia really means that you will be part of our family and you will be encouraged to share your knowledge and experiences that relate to pool, cues, equipment and the lifestyle that goes along with our shared passion. Once you join the Sneaky Pete Mafia family, you will always be able to find fellow family members ready and willing to share your love for this amazing sport.

Does that sound a bit hokey to you? Maybe, but it’s all true! You will find that when you share and participate in our discussions on the Sneaky Pete Mafia Facebook page, there is a true camaraderie between the members that has created a very strong bond between us.

All of this is due to the solid foundation developed by the Sneaky Pete Mafia founder, Garret Troop.

By bringing us all together, Garret has created a family that is strong. With his vision for the future, our family will continue to grow even stronger through the coming years. I would like to thank Garret for this and I would also like to thank all of the wonderful members for their support, the things that I have learned and shared with them and for the sense of brotherhood that I have developed with them.

If you are not a member, go to the Sneaky Pete Mafia Facebook page and become a part of our full spliced family now.

You won’t regret it.

William Hurt

William Hurst was born in Philadelphia and grew up in a small suburb southwest of the city until the age of fifteen. For the last thirty-five years he has lived in Florida, and currently resides in a small town called Crawfordville located in the big bend area of Florida’s panhandle. He is married and has a teenage daughter who used to play pool, but—unfortunately for him—gave it up. He is a simple man with a passion for this wonderful sport and enjoys sharing that passion with like-minded people.

Editor: Marcee Murray King Photo: Sally Crossthwaite/Flickr 
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