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Allen Hopkins the Founder of Super Billiard Expo talks with SPM TV

Allen Hopkins Billiards Hall of Famer! Photo credit by Erwin Dionisio

Allen Hopkins talks with SPM TVs Garret Troop about how he started the Super Billiard Expo. Allen Hopkins Productions started the Super Billiards Expo in 1992 after the first year Hopkins moved the Super Billiard Expo to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, which has since become the biggest consumer-oriented trade show in the Billiards industry trade show in the world, with multiple tournaments for amateur, seniors, women and men professional player levels. Allen's brother Paul Hopkins also wrote a book on Allen that is titled Allen Hopkins: Life of Pool. The book is a collection of memories about the Hall of Fame. as seen through the eyes of Allen's younger brother Paul Hopkins. The photo used as the cover for the interview is credited to Erwin Dionisio. You can get Allen Hopkins book at . Learn more about the Super Billiard Expo at

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