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Eli Ceballos. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

Not interesting to the readers? Not interesting to the readers?

Some of Eli Ceballos’s first words during this interview were that he didn’t think an article that focused on himself would be “interesting to the readers.” The conversation that ensued proved this to be an undervaluing of his own worthiness. This writing shows a sharp contrast and much more color than he thought.

Eli was born in New York. During his childhood he moved to Puerto Rico for five years.  It was during these years that his grandfather (RIP) taught him to play pool. He traveled back and forth several times from New York to Puerto Rico until he settled in New York during high school and studied law and justice at John Jay Law and Justice Academy.


A self-taught photographer, for his “entire life” he always was exposed to and “had access to a camera.” Nineteen ninety-seven was a most memorable year, because it was then that he became a professional freelance photographer.

His hard work and determination came into balance when, at the request of different parents, he began focusing on local sporting events at which to take pictures. Eli is a Sneaky Pete Mafia (SPM) staff member. He reviews different products for the magazine [and does some graphic design work as well].

Must be just horrible. Blah.

The rest of the Eli Ceballos family are quite accomplished too. Wife Kimberly is not only a special education teacher who continues to study current changes and practices within the system, but also a very talented woman in several other areas.

She is a “very good photographer” in her own right, a nail technician as well as a makeup artist who does assist Eli with some of his photo shoots.” The talent doesn’t end here.

Seventeen year old son, Nathaniel, loves and is highly accomplished in high school science, with nearly perfect scores skyrocketing him to the 90th percentile not only in science, but also overall academically. Fourteen year old daughter, Alexia, is quite the math wiz, testing at perfect scores statewide four years in a row.

I’m beginning to understand why Eli thought this article would not be interesting.

During the next juncture of his career, Eli made the transition to graphic artist. During this stint he zoomed in on the fact that rather than paying for needed photographs for this job, he could do well on his own capturing photographs through his own lens rather than paying others to do it.

Eli’s present focus is his dedication to fashion modeling. He creates Lookbooks. Basically, these are books for potential buyers to view upcoming clothing collections.

Portrait photos are another area of expertise. In a marriage of pool and photography, Eli has taken photos of top players the likes of Emily Duddy and up and an coming female player known as Smiley (Yomaylin “Smiley” Feliz) in that pool circle.

Also, he’s clicked away at several major pool events held at Steinway Billiards, New York, NY, including The Ginky (George San Souci) Memorial Tournament as well as the World Women’s 10-Ball Tournament. Eli holds another role at Steinway Billiards: League Director of the BCA National Amateur Pool League (NAPL) under the direction of Pro Player Tony Robles.

Eli runs 8-Ball leagues with six to ten teams, typically, participating in each during separate sessions.

Man, what a drag it must be to be a successful league coordinator with teams playing out of Steinway Billiards, sheez.

Pool highlights include becoming friends with Tony Robles, whom Eli described as having looked up to for a very long time, and as one of the “classiest players” ever. Meeting the quite humorous Phil Capelle, whom Eli also described as a “walking encyclopedia of pool knowledge” as well as “a sweet, sweet, delightful individual,” ranks right up there as well.

Yup, not at all interesting.

Eli has big plans for his future. He wants to be a very high end photographer of a portrait collection of top players. Also, he wants to tell stories of pool in an editorial manner. He noted a parallel between pool and photography which is one never stops learning in either.

Finally is his favorite quote, by which he tries to live: Live life as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Mahatma Ghandi.

Eli and Kimberly are “huge proponents of higher education,” not leaving much time for recreation. Undoubtedly, as their very intelligent children continue to learn and grow in life, so shall each of them. Eli has a Facebook account, and accepts friend requests. His website is

Check out the pictures on his site to further add reason to why Eli Ceballos is not interesting. Yeah, right!

It is with great pleasure that I have written this article for Eli and his family. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Eli. Having been living a life of hell thus far, I sure hope your life gets better at some point!

In her 35+ years of pool playing, Missy has been deeply involved with many aspects of the sport. She and her husband ran a BCA 8-Ball League for 15 years, as well as three person 9-Ball, Singles 8 & 9, and Scotch Doubles part of that time. She ran a Junior BCA/BEF Junior League—the largest and longest running in her area—for 13 years, with year end banquets and tournaments for all of the leagues. She has run tournaments for all ages and levels of play groups, and is a Certified BCA Instructor with concentration on children and females.Missy has played at local, regional and national venues. She even has a $6400 fundraiser tournament for Domestic Violence and Wheelchair Players under her belt. Many, many hours have been donated to the sport with 300+ in free lessons and clinics for juniors. She is happy to be writing articles for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine, presently. Missy has been, and will continue to be, a true ambassador of the sport. Photo: provided by Garret Troop Editor: Hannah Blue

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