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Official SPM Rating System. ~ Sneaky Pete Mafia Team

This is a breakdown of the rating system for the products that we receive to review at SPM. It’s a one to five rating system, and is a easy way to get the point across — “one” meaning I wouldn’t keep it and “five” meaning I would make room for it in my case.

One Sneaky Pete *

One Star

The product did not do what it was described as doing, and over all I was unhappy with the product and would not keep it in my case.

Two Sneaky Petes **

Two Stars

The product did some of what is was described to do by company. I might keep it in my case, but feel there are better products on the market.

Three Sneaky Petes ***

three stars

The product did what it was said that it would do, but could use improvements. On the fence about keeping it in my case.

Four Sneaky Petes ***


I want to keep this product in my case and it did what was. I feel that could use very few improvements — I like it.

Five Sneaky Petes *****

five stars

This is an awesome product. It did everything that was advertised and more. I would not only keep this product in my case, but get rid of something else to make room for it. It did everything that they said. It’s a keeper.

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