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Fort Worth Billiard's Alberto Trujillo Talks with SPM Billiards Media TV

Fort Worth Billiards Albert Trujillo at Mosconi 2022 with Sky Woodward and Oscar Dominguez Photo from Fort Worth Billiards

Fort Worth Billiard's Alberto Trujillo talks with SPM TVs Kat Day and Garret Troop about the amazing Superstore Fort Worth Billiards! Albert Trujillo also gives us a little tour of the amazing store! The Billiard Superstore recently celebrated its 70th anniversary In June of 2022, with Jeremy Jones and Earl Strickland there to play some pool in the celebration!

I have never seen such a store the size of Fort Worth Billiards! If you are ever in Texas and need Billiard Supplies, stop in and get what you need. You can also order online as well!

Just a corner of Fort Worth Billiards! Photo from Fort Worth Billiards

Fort Worth Billiards Supply is one of the oldest billiard retailers in Texas. As an independently owned company, their commitment to excellence in products and customer service reflects the knowledge and integrity you will experience as a valued customer. Since 1952, they have remained actively involved as employees and owners. Each of their employees is trained and instilled in the experience they have gained throughout the years.

Experience comes with a high employee retention rate. Fort Worth Billiards strongly believe in investing original values in their employees to advance their knowledge of products, services, and sales. Although they are not a chain operation, you will see the best selections in game room furnishings and accessories like no other.

Listening to the customers and knowing the demand for various products makes Fort Worth Billiards one of a kind.

Fort Worth Billiards also does Cue Repair services, including tip installation, re-wrap, ferrule installation, shaft cleaning & reconditioning, and shaft dent removal. Be sure to check out their website for any of your billiard needs or anything else game related! or look them up on Facebook at

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