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How a Broken Cue Led to a Fantastic Company: JB Cases. ~ Jacqueline Karol

John Barton was walking down the street and his cue fell out of his case and broke!

He repaired it by hand and thought, “a case should last as long as you want to use it, not because it breaks.” This is the moment when his career began.

First he started making cases in his attic and then started the company, Instroke, which he later moved into a shop. In 2003 he sold the company and started a new one, JB Cases, so he could elaborate on his vision: “fanatic devotion to quality and innovation” while maintaining proper protection of the cue stick.

He says he believes in building a case that is not only durable but also a design that you create.

His website features hundreds of his custom cases. Barton is so creative that it appears almost as if there were multiple case makers because he can pull off such a wide range of designs—it’s very impressive.

Most of what he designs is pretty exotic, but he has also come out with a new line of custom cases called the “Rugged Cases” that are very affordable and with the same durability as the cases that cost thousands. These cases range from only $80-$120 and include your name for free and different options such as pockets and handles for a few extra dollars. They are very nice and sleek looking and also come in many colors.

Right now, John is traveling back and forth between the States and China with his wife and two children. He is happy with his company continuing to grow even larger and adding new dealers all the time.

To find out more information and to see more of his beautiful cases go to

Photo: Provided by John Barton Editor: Dana Gornall
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