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Joey Tate a.ka. Captain America Talks to SPM Billiard Media's Kat Day & Mark White from CSI/Predator

Joey Tate

Joey Tate takes the time out of his busy schedule to talk with Mark White and Kat Day from SPM Billiards Media, a.k.a. SPM TV. Joey Tate is known for JIC 2022 ProAm and 18u highest points earner. Top 5 junior player in the world and 2-time Junior National Champion. You may remember Joey at the US Open playing Shane Van Boening; being up on Shane 5-1, Joey was on a roll until he accidentally hit the purple five instead of the Pink four-ball. In Puerto Rico, Tate took 5th, and in the SVB Junior Championship event, Joey placed in the top 16. Joey Tate is known as Captain America~ Check out the Interview with Joey Tate below!

You can follow Joey Tate on Facebook at:

Joey Tate is one of the Junior players to keep your eye on in 2023! His sponsors are:

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