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Mint Billiards Group Expanding in Central Wyoming

Mint Billiards & Scratch Pizzeria
Central Wyomings, Mint Billiards & Scratch Pizzeria

Mint Billiards LLC is building industry assets in central Wyoming, putting Evansville on the map as a leader of the billiards industry rebirth. Billiards is a 450-year-old game that’s been garnering the respect of a sport in the last decade, attracting a new audience.

In a frontier move, the Mint Billiards Group is building a new 10,200-square-foot structure to accommodate over 24 pool tables and a craft pizza restaurant with a high-quality design and environment. Mint Billiards & Scratch Pizzeria will open to the public mid 2024 located at 261 Craig Thomas BLVD in Evansville, WY.

In addition to the pool hall/restaurant, Mint Billiards is investing into other arenas of the Billiards industry as well. Mint Billiards LLC has acquired significant ownership interest in 2 strong USA-based billiards companies: FargoRate LLC, which maintains the world standard of pool player ratings, and Salotto LLC, a mobile application that connects competitive pool players.

The goal of Mint Billiards LLC is to initiate a “lift” of the industry by partial or full acquisition of billiards companies sharing like goals of positive growth for the sport.

“We firmly believe in the mainstream resurgence of billiards and are in hot pursuit of charging organized industry growth.” - Randall Moser, Mint Billiards LLC Partner

Mint Billiards LLC & Scratch Pizzeria is comprised of 4 Wyoming entrepreneurs, all based in Central Wyoming: Randall Moser, Colby Frontiero, Reed Merschat, and Gabe Phillips.

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