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Pechauer Plus Pro Lite Shaft and Gold Tip. ~ Harry Munro {Review}

I have had the luxury of playing with a Pechauer Plus Pro Lite shaft for over two weeks now.

This shaft was ordered for my schon: 5/16x 14 pin, 29 inches long. Like many low deflection shafts of its kind, the fit and feel is great.

I really do not care for the pechauer gold layered tip.

I used this tip for about 50 racks. It seemed to flatten out and not hold the chalk or its shape very well.

I tried cutting a few layers off too see if this would make a difference, but it did not. I then changed the tip and put on a Navigator Medium. Wow! What a difference that made! This gave a more crisp hit, was very responsive, and felt similar to my predator sport tuned z shaft. In my opinion, when comparing this shaft to others on the market, it comes down too preference.

This shaft has the same aspects as other “LD” shafts on the market, and competes in price with Predator, OB, Viking and many others. It is made up of 12 pieces of hard rock maple, in 11.75mm p plus lite, or 12.75mm p plus pro. The Pechauer Gold Tip consists of nine layers of pigskin that has been specially treated and comes in soft, medium or hard varieties.

At this time I am still playing with this shaft and I will be running comparisons with other “LD” shafts in the near future. Please look for those in future issues of Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine.

Photo: Bierlos/Flickr Editor: Dana Gornall
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