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Pool And The Facebook Phenomenon ~ Ralf Greenfleaf

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to Facebook, always remember that pool is the buzz! Yes indeed!

Pool players worldwide are uniting, networking, and getting the word out about the game we all love, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” And the word is spreading, and people are listening — and we may be entering a new enlightened age of billiards, where all saunter through the kaleidoscope universe cyberspace of billiards pontification, proliferation, pool balls, cue sticks, custom everything, and cocky cueists.

I have many pool friends from around the world, as we each of us share our stories on 9 ball, snooker, and international pool — and our numbers are growing — and we see new through the eyes of the internet. We have billiards articles and online instruction, billiards forums and custom cue makers, billiards markets and billiards videos on YouTube. We live in an age where books on pool can be read electronically on tablets, phones, laptops, and PC’s — the internet is awash with a cornucopia of billiards bliss.

And we all debate issues on the game, study the game, talk about tournaments and events going on, watch Livestream videos of matches, and join hands as one collective community of pool players.

So many cool people and friends I’ve met and know from Keith McCready to my buddy Santos Ruiz, we all come together to spread the buzz on the game we love and hate, and keep on believing that more people will soon notice what we all know — how dynamic, intricate and fun a game pool is.

And one of my friends is April Lawson as well, an up and coming WPBA billiards superstar, and many of my pool playing, professional pool players are willing and ready to interview for articles, for another rising billiards publication, namely this one, or SPM Magazine! We all want them all to take notice, so we keep pushing — and I will keep pushing forward with these articles as long as one person reads and says, “I can relate!”

Thoughts on the internet move at the speed of light, and some say nothing in the universe can go faster, but I maintain Earl Strickland is a pool God, and many on the internet could agree or disagree, so we debate Strickland too.

It is crazy to me that I can write this with my cellphone​, while chatting on Facebook with Garret Troop, and email it out to them, and maybe even get this diatribe published later today — and that’s the electronic age, everything faster than Jimmy John’s sandwich delivery guys.

Everywhere people are posting, commenting, thumb-typing comments and giving “thumbs up”! Memes everywhere, and thoughts emblazoned in virtual ink.

It’s home for many, where we come to meet new friends in the game, and reunite with old pool buddies.

They have “Poolsharkz”, and Pool hustlers, and some cool guy named Bill Katchutski I know that tells me I need to “get my act together,” so all kinds of stuff goes on in the menagerie of melted metal, connected to databases everywhere. It’s the matrix, and we all love the experience.

Some call it “Fakebook,” but what is fake and what real? I know I’ve developed real friendships, and it’s enabled me to have a platform to “sound off” to you good people.

There will be many articles to come, and interviews with many of the best players in the game, teachers in the game, produces etc!

Keep reading, listening, and commenting — Facebook pool to the Apex, until everyone everywhere is talking about the game.


Author: Ralf Greenleaf

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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