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Raise your skill level ~ The Monk (Tim Miller)

When you study my concept in teaching you will find that I focus on skill development. I can show you a shot and you will know it before you build the skills for the shot, so I spend most of my workshop and private lessons time on skill development. I want you to return to your home room with increased skills.

Here is a safety you will know right away. Can you do it five times in a row? Do you have the speed skills to put the cue ball where you want? When you practice, your training must be specific and deliberate. In other words you focus on one thing. Don’t waste time banging balls around. What you focus on you strengthen. For instance, suppose you focus on your pre shot routine on a series of shots. That will strengthen your skills at setting up for success. You can focus on cue ball speed. Get cue ball speed drills and do them until your cue ball ends up in the same spot time after time. Shot making is a good practice. When our opponent leaves us with a tough shot, we need to have the ability to make that shot.

When you connect to the shot, then land on the cue ball, look at the aiming spot on the object ball and always say, “I can make this shot”.  When you reach the aiming part of your pre shot routine, make a positive statement. Then you will be ready to deliver the winning shot.

If your opponent misses a shot and leaves you safe the first thing you must do is be happy. Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your head. You can always do something. If you can’t get a hit on the object ball, push another object ball up against the money ball and set up a block. It is a chance you would not have gotten if he did not miss the shot.

I offer you this exercise which is great for stroke control and shows the importance of cue ball speed. Play the one with a draw stroke to get position on the three. You will need to be in good line with the five to get to the eight and then the nine. As in all my lessons, it has no value unless you can succeed five times in a row. Taking the time to reach five in a row will build great skills for you.

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Author: Tim “The Monk” Miller

Editor:  Chris Freeman


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

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