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Scott Erwin’s Butt ~Bradley C. Thuringer

It seems like often the best things in my life come to me unexpectedly. When I was in college the local music shop had a bass guitar that I loved.  I would go and visit it and sit to play it several times a week for months.   While saving up my money to take it home. One day, as expected, I went in and it was gone, to another home no doubt.

Years went by when my then girlfriend were out one night at a local watering hole that happened to be featuring a live band.  Low and behold, there was my long lost bass, up on stage.  In time the bass came back to the music shop,  a trade in for a newer model, and eventually went home with me.  This is how I learned the value of the proverbial bird in the hand.

Fast forward to 2015 and the Sneaky Pete Mafia group on Facebook. I am pursuing the threads, looking for something that I can give information on or someone that needs trolling and I read a post from a Facebook friend of mine expressing his excitement for a custom cue that he had ordered.  Felix Famularo Jr. was jumping out of his Facebook skin over his new cue by maker Scott Erwin of whom I knew nothing.

The fact that I knew nothing of the Erwin name only spoke to my shallow knowledge of cue manufacturing and history.  I later learned that the Erwin name has deep and storied family tradition as master cuemakers that is riding into it’s third generation with Scott at the helm.

When Bob Meucci’s cue business began to grow large enough to justify taking on help the first employee he hired was a young cuemaker with promising skill by the name of Mike Erwin. For the next 15 years Mike continued to run the Meucci shop as it’s master cuemaker allowing Bob to focus on his own work in Bob Meucci Customs.

In Strayhorn Mississippi Scott Erwin carries on the family tradition today using no computers, CNC machines or front office assistant.  If you call Erwin Cues today you will talk to Scott and if you order a cue from him the hand that signs the cue will be the same hand that made it.

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