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Segen Cues by William Hurst

Segen is the word for blessing in the German language and is probably the name for this cue company because Einzigartig (unique) is not as catchy. Unique, however, describes the new Segen Cues to a tee. From the features that give them a very distinctive look, the slightly larger diameter of the butt and the very interesting one of a kind joint, designed by the famous Evan Clarke; the new Segen Cues are different in the best ways possible.

First let me tell you that even though Evan Clarke is now leading the way at Segen Cues, you will not just be buying another Schon if you purchase a Segen Cue. Now that Evan is free to make cues the way he feels they should be made, the design used is much different. Starting with the larger diameter of the butt which feels just right to me when I grip it by the extremely well done leather wrap, which it is almost impossible to find the seam on, to the one of a kind piloted joint made from Elforyn that has a modified radial pin! That’s right, it is not stainless steel and it is not a 5/16×14 pin.

One thing you should know is that Evan does not believe in low deflection shafts and you will not be able to use an after-market shaft on a Segen Cue because of the piloted, modified radial pin joint is so different that nobody is making shafts other than Segen that will fit on one of these cues. That is not a bad thing though, because the shafts are solid hard rock maple with a high number of growth rings. That is a great way to determine high quality in a standard shaft and in fact, the design of the shaft with its larger than normal base and long taper make it naturally lighter at the front end and that is actually the very definition of low deflection! The long taper makes the shaft glide nicely through a closed bridge hand, and has a real stability to it, not a whippy or flimsy feeling and it is obvious that Evan chose his shaft wood carefully.

The materials and craftsmanship used by Evan Clarke to produce Segen Cues is exceptional and that is exactly what you would expect from someone who was the top man at Schon for over twenty years. His fall-out and eventual departure from Schon may have been seen as a tragedy to Schon Cue lovers, but the fact that he is now building Segen Cues has turned it into a positive thing for followers and fans of Evan Clarke and his cue making skills.

Evan Clarke is now building cues the way he wants to build them and in my opinion. Segen Cues are the natural next step in the evolution of cue making for him. He has produced a high quality cue with a feel, feedback and hit that you really have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. If you are interested in purchasing one and have some questions for Evan, and I’m sure you do, simply pick up the phone and call the phone number listed on the Segen Cues website. Not only is Evan a genuinely nice guy, he is also more than willing to help you decide which Segen Cue is the right one for you. Evan’s enthusiasm for these amazing Segen Cues is infectious and his incredible knowledge and skills gained from many years in the industry will soon make you realize that Segen Cues live up to their name. A Segen Cue is a blessing to own and shoot with and the one I now own will no doubt be a favorite of mine for a long time to come.

This blog brought to you by Jacoby custom cues.

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