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Sneaky Pete Mafia & The Drill Instructor team up to interview Anthony Beeler

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The Drill Instructor joins SPM TV to interview Master Level Billiard Instructor Anthony Beeler. Learn about Anthony's Virtual Billiard School at Learn more about Anthony Beeler and his virtual and private lessons. Anthony Beeler has a Proven track record and has trained a member of Team USA, BCA National Champions and the list goes on. Learn more about Beeler and his Pool School here as the Drill Instructor asks the right questions!

Anthony Beeler has a background in public education for the last 23 years, he is a dual certified master instructor in the PBIA and the ACS. Beeler is a proven player with a 715 Fargo rating winning over 300 tournaments in his career. Beeler’s program gets results. Beeler has trained eight regional APA champions, the Iowa State Association Men’s 9-Ball champion, Sam Henderson 14 years old who beat all the men at the Iowa State Association Tournament for the ACS. Beeler has trained South Dakota Women State Champion Hannah Hohn and Janet Atwell the 9th ranked woman player in the world has taken lessons from Beeler. “If I can do something for their game then you know I can certainly improve yours and I love the opportunity to work with any of the viewers out there. If you're skeptical about lessons give me a call. I'll give you a free consultation and be glad to tell you about the program giving you more success stories you know those are just a few but I love to tell you about the students and results that people have gotten through my online class.” States Anthony Beeler, PBIA & ACS Master Level Billiard Instructor.

When Beeler thinks about the success stories one stands out that must be shared. The story of Brad Clays in Canada. Brad Clays went to the Ontario Regional Championship for Seven years. Clays wanted to win that tournament more than anything else in the world, he tried to win for seven years but he couldn't win. Clays signed up for Beeler’s online class and six months later he goes to the tournament and wins First place in the Gold Edition then they bump him up to the Platinum Tournament and he wins first place.


Call Anthony Beeler at: 606-669-8401 Check out Anthony Beeler’s website at

Follow him on Facebook at

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