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The Brown Kamikaze. ~ William Hurst {Review}

This morning I cut down and shaped a Brown Kamikaze Cue Tip that I installed yesterday on a Mezz Hybrid Pro II shaft which I use on one of my Schons. I wanted to see how it would compare to the Moori III tip that the Mezz shaft has had on it since I bought it.

I left the Moori on that shaft because it was actually a great tip. That surprised me because I can’t seem to get a great Moori tip anymore, but Mezz somehow managed to get one!

Maybe because they and Moori are both Japanese companies? Hmm… well, it doesn’t matter, because I’ve moved on from Moori and now I use G-2 tips most of the time.

However, I’m always ready to try a new tip and since the Kamikaze people have really been talking up their new brown tips and comparing them to certain “other Japanese made brown layered tips,” I figured it was time for me to see for myself just how good they really are.

This review is a bit preliminary and done with just a slight hesitation mainly because I have only used one Kamikaze cue tip so far. That said, it is a very good tip, especially for the price and I’m impressed!

I don’t say that about just any tip and I’ll tell you why I am saying it now. The Kamikaze cut down nicely, with ribbons of leather peeling off of the sides as I shaved it down even with the ferrule. This is always a good sign.

Next, it wasn’t overly difficult to get it to the dome shape I wanted. I did take it down about two layers while shaping it, but since then it has held chalk beautifully and kept it’s shape without me having to re-work it. That is important to me because I’ve had tips that just kept flattening out or simply wouldn’t hold chalk (and I am talking about “regular” chalk like Triangle, which is one of my favorites.)

The grip that the Brown Kamikaze Cue Tip has is also very good, and although I am still a bit skeptical as far as believing that every Brown Kamikaze Cue Tip I get will be this good, I am tentatively very pleased. Enough so, in fact, that I have already placed an order for three more!

Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues

William Hurst was born in Philadelphia and grew up in a small suburb southwest of the city until the age of fifteen. For the last thirty-five years he has lived in Florida, and currently resides in a small town called Crawfordville located in the big bend area of Florida’s panhandle. He is married and has a teenage daughter who used to play pool, but—unfortunately for him—gave it up. He is a simple man with a passion for this wonderful sport and enjoys sharing that passion with like-minded people. Photo: Flickr/ Pete Editor: Hannah Blue

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