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The Gentleman of Artistic Pool: William DeYonker ~ Kevin Brown {Interview}

Artistic Minute with Kevin Brown. Brought to you by WAPPA (World Artistic Pool Player Association): “Representing the finest in artistic pool and beyond.”

Artistic Pro: William “The Gentleman” DeYonker

Current WPA-APD Ranking: 7th

Kevin Brown: When did you start Artistic Pool, and who were your influences?

William DeYonker: I started at 14 years of age when I first saw my penpal from the Czech Republic Pavel “Ppooler” Poledno’s trick shot videos on YouTube.

KB: What was your first tournament in artistic pool you entered?

WD: It was the Artistic Cup VII at Pocket Billiards in Lake City Florida hosted by Dr. Cue Promotions (Tom” Dr. Cue” Rossman.) Competitiors included Mike Massey, Jason Lynch, Steve Markle, Mark Dimick, and Marty Carey to name a few.

KB: What is your biggest achievement, and what tournaments have you entered in Artistic Pool?

WD: Highest score of 254 for a first time player at the 2014 World Artistic Pool Championship at the Rio in Las Vegas, and 1st place at the 2015 Masters Artistic Pool Championship at Jamaica Jots in Midwest City, Oklahoma with a score of 277 points.

Tournaments entered include: 2014 World Artistic Pool Championship 2015 ACSISA Open Artistic Pool Tournament 2015 World Artistic Pool Championship 2015 Masters Artistic Pool Championship

KB: What Sponsors do you currently have?

WD: McDermott Cues Ambassador, World Artistic Pool Player Association, and a partnership with Delta-13 Racks

KB: Where do you see yourself five years from now in Artistic Pool?

WD: I want to be on ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic with the top players of Artistic Pool.

KB: Do you have a Website?

WD: Yes I Do! It can be found here. My YouTube channel is William DeYonker.

Photo: provided by author Editor: Hannah Blue

Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues

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