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The QuicSlick by the Billiard Engineer ~ A Review by Garret Troop

It’s hard to come up with something new in this industry much less recreate something and make it better.  What the crew at the Billiard Engineers did was take the micro sandpaper film, they created a malleable silicone handle to give you a better grip to hang onto. It comes with three different grittiness’.

This microfilm can be washed and rinsed to be used many times over.  Sometimes your hands just get a little too sweaty and your shaft picks up grit and grime chalk from the pool table and such. It’s also a great tool for simple too for shaft maintenance. Since I have used this incredibly powerful tool I will not travel without it again. It comes in a small plastic bag and is easy to just keep on hand.

As an active pool player, I cannot rave enough about this product.  They took something and made it easier and more accessible to just keep your shaft clean and smooth which is always a need in this industry. Now with all that being said the first time I tried sliding the film into the slots it was rough but didn’t take long to get it down. Now everywhere I GO people are asking me to condition their shafts.

Bottom line: This is a must in my pool bag and always will be.


Author: Garret Troop

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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