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What does Pool mean to You? ~ By Mark White

I saw a great question on my timeline this morning from Stu Harvey III asking "Why we like pool", well here is my view on why.....

It's a game against the table and the layout. You are on your own, no opponent hitting balls back across a net at you, tackling you, if you don't miss your opponent sits it out.

You are controlling 2 balls every time, more in some cases, there are many variations of games, different size tables, some without pockets, some huge, some small.

It's a game that frustrates us, sometimes we run the table like a pro, most of the time we play like beginners, it's a drug, a habit, an obsession, it frustrates, infatuates, it gives us our biggest highs, but, like a drug it gives us our lowest lows.

But I think it's not always about playing the game, it's sharing our love of the game with others, just walking into a room and seeing rows of tables each with 2 gladiators wielding their spears in the cauldron of competition, others just having a bit of midweek fun, in the corner 2 players gambling on whether or not they will eat today, there are coaches passing on their knowledge to eager beginners or seasoned warriors still up for the battle trying to get the edge on their next opponent in the weekly league.

Cue sports are a great leveler in society, it's been played by kings and queens, movie stars, rock stars and politicians, and mere mortals like myself.

There is no class divide or gender advantage, the tables have no favourites, and they treat us equally bad at times, is it the pool gods? Maybe even he was an addict and it's his way of making us all suffer like he did, either way, we'll still keep praying it will be our day next time.

Pool players all have one thing in common, we are gluttons for punishment, but we are drawn to the pool hall by that familiar sound of balls clicking, tips being chalked, cues banged on the floor in frustration and temporary anger, some prefer to say passion, we all strive for that perfect smooth stroke, the ball cracks into the back of the pocket, it's the most beautiful sound in the world and the cue ball feels so light as it draws all the way back for perfect position on the unmissable final ball, unmissable????

What does pool mean to you?

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Patrick Sampey
Patrick Sampey

Well said sir.

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