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Timmy Bly Interview ~ Jeanna Diedrich

Timmy Bly, 17, of Decatur Illinois, just recently won the APA Junior National Championship of 2016 held in Davenport, IA.

Bly started shooting pool when he was 4 years old. His mother and stepfather played, and peaked his interest. Bly says when he first started his drive was nowhere near what it is today.

Bly played soccer and football through high school but says nothing compares to pool.

He says 9 ball is his favorite table sport. Bly is rated an eight in the game and a six in 8 ball.

Bly says his girlfriend, Abigail, is one of his driving forces. They have been together ever since they met at nationals three years ago. Bly says they had to play each other first round.

“I beat her 25 to 4,” says Bly, “but she says she let me win.”

The two play APA scotch doubles together but, “she is not as into it as I am now,” says Bly.

He also says his parents, grandparents and sister have always been there for him. His best friend Colton, and Colton’s mother also provide a positive outlet for Bly.

Janette Lee caught the eye of young Timmy Bly early on, but Bly says he now looks up to Sky Woodward as a pool inspiration as well.

In the future, Bly hopes to become a professional pool player. He is not narrow-minded, however. Bly says he plans to either own his own business or go to school for Law Enforcement if becoming a professional pool player isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

For now, Bly has no intention of quitting the game.

He quoted Mark Wilson when talking about what keeps him going: “Sweat through practice, so you don’t bleed through the competition.”

Bly seems to have no fear of missing out on ‘regular kid stuff’ due to his schedule of work, school, and practicing pool three to four hours a day.

He would tell anyone that wants to get better to, “work hard, don’t give up.” Simple and strong words from a simple and strong champion.


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Author: Jeanna Diedrich

Photo Credit: Timmy Bly’s Facebook

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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