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No Bull, Jacoby Jumper Cue Review ~ Garret Troop

Jacoby custom cues have a long-standing relationship with innovation and most of all above average customer service.  The introduction of the jump cue over the last 20 years has really changed the face of the industry. Now every other company has a form of a jump cue. Some of them have a specific.  Like Marty Carry and Dr. Popper as well as the Black Magic. Those are all in my opinion specialty cues.

Now Jumping is a somewhat easy shot whereas perfecting the aim is the difficult part. The easier you can jump the better foundation that you a better jumper. The new modifications made make it easier to get out of trouble.  The back end is a little lighter than the previous models. Jacoby hollowed it out and added threads for their new weight system. It has taken your standard jump cue and given you the opportunity to adjust the weight that you feel comfortable with for your standard jumping to get out.

The Jacoby Jump cue has recently made some changes in their jump cue and this is what they did.  They are switching the entire break and jump cues over to radial so everything matches. Why different taper…. They made the taper a little stiffer for better performance what weight system….They use same weight system as in our playing cues…3/8-16 Allen wrench up to 6″ of weight can be put in the butt end of jump cue

They changed the



Added weight system.

Bottom line in the world of pool jacoby is the name of continuous innovations in perfecting the game.

All in all, five out of five Sneaky Pete’s


Author: Garret Troop

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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